VST Live tempo targeting settings for External MIDI Hardware

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Simple question.
VST Live - How sync any external MIDI instrument/effect (simple example please, if someone done it)

Programs in external midi instruments need clock as well as other trigs data, cannot find in VST Live window with this send targets window settings)

1.Cannot find the way to have sync (ex. Blofeld, Hydrasynth module, Cobalt8 module), they work perfect with VST Live, BUT ONLY with internal clocks.
As it is now, they are not fully functional.

2.External control keyboard has its own Midi Clock (ex for arp, step seq etc), I cannot sync it with Song in VST Live tempo.

Am I miss some settings window ?
Or functionality of VST Live is ONLY for not hardware based VST Plugins ?

  • MTC (Midi Time Code) output is implemented already (preferences)
  • Midi Clock output (to sync other instruments to Midi Clock sent from VST Live) is close to finished and coming soon
  • MTC input (to sync VST Live to Midi Time Code from other devices) is in the planning
  • Midi Clock input (to sync VST Live to devices sending Midi Clock) will most probably not be implemented at all, as VST Live requires lookahead tasks which are not possible without knowing tempo in advance.

Thanks, understood.
Mostly I was interesting in point no.2 from Your advise.
It is desirable feature I`m expecting (I think not only me), but I could not find clear answer in the forums.
Will trace updates when it will be implemented.
Anyway, as long time Cubase user it is intuitive to use VST Live, and I could not believe myself that it is no simple way to set midi synchro for external midi modules when external audio inputs are already available and implemented.
Thanks for Clarification.

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