VST Live vs Gig Performer

I am curious as to what features VST Live has that Gig Performer lacks. I saw one post from someone who has both Gig Performer and VST Live and he said the CPU usage of both is similar which is a good thing as Gig Performer does work well in my setup. I know VST Live can control Video and Lights and those features aren’t important to me at this time.

VST Live is 1/2 the price of Gig Performer.

Thanks for the observation. I bought Gig Performer 2 years ago and it has worked well for me. If VST Live is as CPU efficient as Gig Performer and has similar and or even more features then it being half the price makes for an even stronger selling point. I will wait for the demo version

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Hey, You might be referring to me. I evaluated Gig Performer before I started working on getting VST Live up to the point to replace my main keys setup. Gig Performer has a great feature set. The reasons I never deployed it are.

  1. It is difficult to build large patches
    Adding plugins and synths is done like reason, each one is a module and has to be “wired” together. I often have patches that have 8 or more sound sources with sidechains and other things that turn into gordian knot spaghetti trying to replicate them in Gig Performer. A more traditional mixer view would have helped me a ton.

  2. The Perform View in Mainstage was better. I’ve seen the recent updates and now you can make Gig Performer pretty performance friendly but that wasn’t the case when I was checking it out.

  3. I write midi plugins in Logic Script that worked in Mainstage. This is more of a niche use case. I can just write something that does anything I need in Logic Script and put it in Scripter. This helps me a ton doing drone pads, legato that holds, Chord Memorizing, Patch Changing, and all sorts of stuff. I don’t know Gig Performers language yet.

How VST Live compares on those same points

  1. Has an easier interface to apply traditional mixing techniques than both Mainstage and Gig Performer. It doesn’t have the extensive feature set of Mainstage yet but it has most of the important things and features are being added at a great pace.

  2. Still waiting for this one to become fleshed out but the default view ended up working fine for me for performance.

  3. This is the current downside for me of using VST Live. Hopefully, something that has similar or even better utility to Scripter can be added eventually. Either that or I finally learn that scripting app from Blue Cats.


Thanks for your insights into the differences between these 2 programs.