VST Live with Relab LX480 essentials issue

I just got the Relab LX480 essentials plugin which I really like. However when I use that plugin as an insert in VST Live it turns a stereo sound into a mono one. Not sure if it’s user error (though that’s certainly possible) or an issue with using that plugin with VST Live

… we’ll check,

… I’ve installed the Trial of the Relab Plug-In. Started VL, Selected TRACKS, imported a stereo file, insert the Plug-In and the Plug-In outputs the signal as stereo. No Problem here. What am I missing?

I am running version 2.2.3 of Relab.

It maybe helps when you create a small project which shows the problem. Create it and use the “Menu / File / Save Archive” function to create an archive of your project. Zip the folder and drop it here.

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relab testfile.vlprj.zip (285.9 KB)
Here you go.

… ah! I see it now. The input-signal for the Plug-In is mono. Thank you. We’ll check!


Hi @andrew_hutnick,

it’s fixed now. Please re-try with the next Pre-Release version.

See you,

Thanks! I will re-try with the next Pre-Release Version

The Latest Pre-Release Version solved the issue. Thanks Michael!