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Is there anybody out there that is really going to trust this program after all of the headaches Cubase 12 causes. Haha. Can you imagine trusting Steinberg in a live situation, money on the line, reputation on the line. Yeah right. I think you should work on getting Cubase working properly before an inkling of a community would have the faith to give live use Steinberg programming a shot. :joy: Haha. Good one Steinberg. Get paid.

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YEP. They’re gonna get this one right.
The other players have decent programs though, for example, FORTE?..He (one person) went out business…
The other three most well known… My guess, one of them will be gone in a couple of years
or, at least much less development.

I’d take a slow careful look at the demo video - I did eventually.
it’s got what’s needed BIG TIME and not a lot of fiddly.

VST LIVE PRO has actually caused my decision to switch to CUBASE
instead of the kludge I’ve been using with my current wonderful yet very fiddly DAW
to give me the feeling I could someday go live with it.
Get more done with Cubase even if it doesn’t have the new/trendy vibe.

Just my opinion and not said fully or that well.

best wishes

How many band members do you have, and what kind of show do you put on. Do you think it will have the capabilities to run your whole show. Do you use DMX lighting, and do you have your FX all programmed for each member of the band. Basically how big of a production are you using it for. I’m interested in knowing.

Hi Wickham! delay ‘almost’ unavoidable.

My kinda average post in the VST Live forum: - my, “Bravo-Bravo-Bravo …” post… touches on that (for me) none of the OTHER dedicated performance programs, nor, using a DAW with add-ons, ever felt workable. Mad amounts of time thinking and trying, and studying. You know the one!

ASIDE: Ten years this spring now that i think of it – when i decide i ‘needed’ to perform live with whole band through computer.
One aspect: ~> - I started an arduino controller foot-pedal in spring 2012 - bought all the electronic parts, built my own boards (attempted and failed ultimately) the whole crazy works.

  • it’s only been this year that I’ve realized- Heck, you mean I don’t have forever?? hahaha

STEINBERG’s VST LIVE (pro) and cubase 12 will give me finished results. Long story that - and as I’ve not been writing that efficiently this season - just a one-liners on that.

So, to finally answer your question - I haven’t done a live performance for many many years,
however, the wish to do so and the belief I would someday … got me to HERE.

Funnily, the “wish” to perform again live WITH the entire band going through the computer really kept me going, and added to my acceptance i wasn’t there yet.

SHORT- VERSION: Steinberg’s VST LIVE (pro) is it for me. I’ve done decades of using computers live though never a full band GOING THROUGH the computer. Quite some ridiculous setup times as I’d bring all the gear to the shows back then.

Plugging the ENTIRE band into a small computer - microphones - guitars, everything -
ALL while being able to switch keyboard parts. INCLUDING using in-ear monitors.
No SETUP much at the VENUE. And the VENUE can be anywhere and fully controlled.

I am well geeky on tech, (like many of us-) – and I am absolutely certain that ~> as interesting as the OTHER performance programs are, FOR ME, my deep study and efforts have always had me ultimately DOUBT committing to a live system. VST LIVE (pro) nails it.

So: I’m familiar with DMX as a rather brilliant and well spoilt friend buys everything of interest and then goes deep into all the learning. Me, i go deep when i need to know something to solve a problem or achieve a result i consider essential.

It’s unlikely that initially learning all sorts of stuff unrelated to, “the problem or needed result” would be retained by me I’ve noticed. So i solve the problem, or get the result, and that stays part of the skill-set, and generally no more than that.

This season I’ll change to CUBASE 12 – FROM my other/current DAW.

Initially: The ONLY reason I even considered this is due to VST LIVE (pro)

And, then, I found I was very impressed with CUBASE as getting songs done instead of fiddling with the endlessly customizable interface took at least 1/4 of my time.

I’ll be active i hope in the forums…

I haven’t been very efficient writing lately, as in, not really flowing my thoughts as well as I’d like-- maybe as I’m rushing a lot this season.

[SOFTWARE DEVs and BURNOUTs we can all relate to]

I’m drawn to celebrating software programs and DEVs.
Very very well deserved, almost always in my view.

That’s part of why i first wrote ya here.

STEINBERG’s parent company is big. For sure they’re getting better and better - not as fast as one person “could” though. heh-heh

Though for sure, in my view, the DEV’s vibe’s and happiness quotient are are largely due to working way hard and how it’s hard to find the words in a forum to communicate human - life - and tech complexities.

WORDS! *-)

Note: I’ll hope to edit/improve this post when i can.