VST Live

Hi every body !
Just bought VST Live for live sets.
Questions :
How do you achieve a mapping between a Controler MPD 232 Akaï and VST Live ? Is is possible trought the only options you have in VST Live : “DEVICES”–> “ACTIONS”–> “+” … and then ??
Or can you achieve it on Cubase pro 9 ??

Can you read a all SET (VST Live) without interruption or necessity to clic on each track ? I mean can you make your SET of 10 tracks read from 1 to 10 with touching anything ?

Thanks in advance for help !
Have a good day !

Select an action you want to control, for instance, Volume for 1st Layer, then Learn.
Version 1.1 will add more controllers and a more convenient method to learn controllers.

By tracks you probably mean Songs (or “scenes”)?
The structure in VST Live defines Songs and Parts (like “Intro”, “Chorus” etc). A Song can have as many Parts as desired, and those can be time stamped, so you can run them from top to bottom. You can also define an action for what happens when the Song end is reached (end of last event in the timeline), including play next Song - so yes, you can also run the entire setlist in one go.

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Thanks so much for your answer. It’s Ok, it works well !!

Thanks again for index on mapping solutions. I’ve just found in the “Layer” section, the way to cut my master keyboard in parts with a specific sound for each part from different banks of sound, AND also how to put one specific sound on each pad of my controller MPD 232. That’s a real relief for months I’m searching to do it on Cubase Pro 9…
Have a nice day !