vst location with wrappers

Dear all,

I have 2 questions:

  • I have bought JBridge as the original VSTBridge on 5.x.x was constantly crashing. I now have my 32bit plugins sitting in 2 versions : once as the regular name and once as the name with .vst64 on it.

On the other hand I have the same issues with the plugins being processed by automap. I have NI Komplete with automap also showing up twice: once as e.g. reaktor and reaktor(automap). For my 32 bit plugs it even becomes better as I have the original name, the .vst64, the original with automap and the 64bit with automap.

I want to clean up this mess, but I would like to know if there is a way that I can tell cubase that when it does not find e.g. reaktor it needs to take reaktor(automap).
something that cubase knows :
reaktor = reaktor(automap)
NastyVCS= NastyVCS.vst64= NastyVCS(automap)=NastyVCS.vst64(automap)

  • Will this keep what I have loaded?
  • Can I move/centralise all my .dlls to one location so they remain recognized?

When I upgrade to 6.5 can I keep my locations?

if on windows:



thanks for this, I will give it a try and let you know the outcome :slight_smile:

kind regards



I have manually moved all my 32 bit vst/vstis to d:\vstx32, 64bit to vstx64 and next I made a vst_jbridge to place all my jbridge plugins under. Cubase now only looks at vst_jbridge and vstx64 (except for the 64 bit Komplete as they were already separate.

I still did not manage to actually have the automap version in a separate folder. I wonder if I can move them.