VST locations on Mac

I have Komplete Kontrol installed in a directory with other VSTs which is MAC/Users/Shared/VST which seems to work OK. The stuff that came with C10 has installed in Mac/Lib/AppSupport/Steinberg/Content/ .

Does it matter that all the VSTs that I want to access with Cubase are in different directories?


The VST location for Mac are in:

The location you posted are for app support. Please keep in mind that Mac works differently than Windows.
And you shouldn’t move any folders.

You can carefully delete vst instrument folders that have been uninstalled and don’t need.
Because for some reason Mac will keep some folders.

On OSX are two places only.
/user/yourName/Library/Audio/Plug-ins/VST (you must use “Go to” by pressing option key to enter this Library path)