VST Loop Sound Content


Below are 2 issues for which i need you guys help me in getting it fixed ASAP

  1. I have issues with the loop sound content activation. Below are the sound contents which i purchased & was using it with Cubase 5. Now i have upgraded to Cubase 6 few weeks back. But i see a pop up coming on screen saying that these loop contents will expire in another 4 hrs.
    Ambient Lounge VST Sound Loop Set
    Minimal Sessions VST Sound Loop Set
    Progressive House VST Sound Loop Set
    Electronic Mode VST Sound Loop Set
    when i get into my elicenser control center & try to activate the above the activation code which i got at the time of purchase says this has already been used.

  2. Also it shows that MP3 Encoder will expire soon which shouldn’t happen cos i own the complete Cubase 5 & Cubase 6.5.

please help me getting this fixed.

Suhas P

Can anyone help me on this plz?

Same here with Mp3 license. I just installed the NU-MEtal I need for a project and don’t know how I’m supposed to use it with Cubase 6.Can’t find it.