VST MA questions?

Is this forum an appropriate place to post questions about the VST MA sdk?

The VSTMA SDK is not really supported anymore…maybe we should reactivate it ?

Is that still the only way to make a midi insert plugin for cubase?

Please reactivate VSTMA, I need to write a Midi Effect. Whilst it could be done as a VST Instrument, the workflow would be awful compared to a Midi Effect


+1 Same Here !
My main interest lies in Midi Plugins ,not just midi effects in general but also creating midi sysex editors for external synthesizers.
For now i have to create a VST-Instrument which is as its best a workaround i think.
Would be great to have it back in 2019 + examples :sunglasses:

Indeed. We have customer requests for this, but using a deprecated SDK/feature does not look like a good investment!

The best way would probably to support MIDI-only VST3 plug-ins instead of using yet another SDK btw.

Any chance we can see the VST MA sdk reactivated until such time that perhaps cubase might support VST3 plugins in the midi insert slot?

It’s been over a year since this was first posted with no update. We’ve got VSTMA products nearly ready to ship but VSTMA clearly has bugs that Steinberg haven’t addressed. It’s hard to know what to do, many of these issues are well over a decade old. :frowning:

Cubase has poor support for microtuning, non-linear sequencing, arps, cc modification/sequencing, etc, and it seems to stem from the bugs in VSTMA. The MIDI plugins haven’t changed for many versions of Cubase and they’re antiquated by modern standards.

Is there any chance 2020 is the year for Cubendo MIDI FX?


I also noted some limitations. I expected my VSTi will receive the MIDI messages as per the MIDI protocol or at least as per the Windows MIDI Multimedia extensions but I was mistaken.
The only ‘midi’ message your VSTi will receive are the note_on and note_off and without the channel information at that.
Perusing thru the source-code of DarkWave Studio source-code when it was available for downloading I noticed that it was the DAW that introduced these limitations. The solution I took was for my VSTi to subclass the the midiInShortMessage and glean off the info I wanted.

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