VST Manager (option) on startup

Cubase just works, until it doesn’t!
We all know that Cubase often has to stumble over a minefield of misbehaving VST’s, and who-know what else, in order to get us to work, but it would be real nice if the good people at Steinberg could help out some us poor users stuck out on the front line by giving us a startup option better that ‘everything’ or ‘nothing’. (Better still, how about building a VST bridge into Cubase and help us creative-types to exist in geek armageddon.) Our dirty little secret is that the pain never went away, and while we still cherish our old VST’s. the new one’s still don’t behave reliably. On the odd occasion when Cubase is stuck at the starting line it would be of immense help to take a ‘selective startup option’ and manage the library of VST’s that are in inevitable part of every producer’s daily life. The shifting sands and hidden swamps of the Windows environment along with all the updates and changes to the Plugin’s and VST instrument libraries can mean that from one day to the next, there is no guarantee that an old project will even open without a fight. My goal when I enter the studio is exist there as a happy musician and not a frustrated technician. Can the smart people at Steinberg help tilt the balance of Cubase towards creative solutions to the inevitable technical issues that plague us and (not infrequently) blow a session out of the water.