VST MIDI - Ghost Problem ! I have no clue

My VSTs play alone without ANYTHING running, I have SpectraSonics Omnisphere and for example, something it starts playing OLD STUFF I played a few hours ago.

The EXACT same way I played them… It’s like it recs my Midi pattern (even the expressions)… but I can tell you that NOTHING has been rec in the project and the Cursor is at 0.0 not moving.

Even when I close my MIDI Keyboard it still plays… everything happens inside Cubase.

I have this problem with other VST as well…

I use Cubase 10.0, USB Midi Cable… Please help me…
I starts to think I’m cursed or haunted.



To me it sounds like any MIDI Device is sending MIDI data to the track. Try to change the MIDI In Port from All MIDI Inputs to the dedicated MIDI Ports to find out, which one is sending the data, please.

Even if it’s not connected to any MIDI inputs, it still play alone. The VST play alone old things I Played hours ago… Never seen anything like that


Could you try in Cubase Safe Start Mode, please?