? VST Midi Record FAIL

When I try and record live manipulation of my midi controller via Cubase the automation is recorded but the vst audio file is muted. Effectively I can not hear what my manipulation of the VST is doing to the audio, but it does record my automation.

I have had CuBase working without issue many times and this issue shows it’s head on most my VST’s including Steinberg VST’s. Basic System details in my signature.

Any assistance greatly appreciated.

NOTE: I’m using 32-bit version as non-steinberg vst’s are not recognised by 64-bit version

Ok, so is this just worded incorrectly? Does my question not make sense? I’ve now been converted to a mac user (yet to buy) and will abandon Cubase for Ableton at the mo. Ok, it may work better on a stable platform like a mac, but not happy with the realibility and the USB key (which I haven’t looked after well by bumping it and stuff, it’s a matter of time)

Sorry for the extra random banter