VST mix to WAV file? Possible?


I’ve been using Cubase for about 6 months, solely with hardware synths and only programming Midi data. When I updated to 6.5 I started delving into the VST’s that are included (Padshop, Groove Agent, HALcion SE etc).

Here’s my question……………

I created a song using only VST’s that are included with Cubase and would like to see how it sounds when transferred to CD format.

Is there anyway of adding plug-in FX’s etc and getting a final mix to .WAV format without re-recording the VST instrument into audio first? I can understand this process would be necessary for my hard synths but thought this may be avoidable with VST’s (especially the ones included in Cubase 6.5)

I have been reading through the manuals but maybe I’m not understanding it clearly.

Thanks for any help you guys can give.

I’ll try to be quick here before you’ll get hammered by “RTFM” :wink:

Set up your left and right markers to contain what you’d like to export. Then go to menu File -> Export -> Audio mixdown.


Thanks Emil.
So there is no need to record the VST/Midi data to actual audio then?

No. That is an unnecessary step. It will be rendered to audio in the mix as a whole when you export audio as a wav.

Looks like more than one needs to RTFM. Or just read, period. :wink:


Just use Audio Mixdown. This is the way. You have to create WAV file in CD format, ie 44,1kHz, 16-bit. And then to burn it as Audio-CD.

What is good, you don’t have to create WAV files for any single track. You can use Insert effects and Sends, etc., on Instrument tracks, same as they are audio tracks. So it’s much more faster, then HW synths.

Yes, that would be you. FX are rendered along with the output of the VSTis, all without need to mix to audio as an intermediate step.