VST Mixer vs. Mixer in Generic Remote


With my Controller I have Eight Rotary Controls (Pots) and want them assigned to Channel Volumes in Generic Remote Banks of Eight Channels at a time.

The Upper Table is all set and working. Controllers are assigned to the Pots and respond. The question is about the lower table assignment.

Q. Device Column: Under the Device Column of the GR I see both Mixer and VST Mixer. Which one should I use? What’s the difference? When would one use Mixer as opposed to VST Mixer? (Screenshot attached).

Q. The Channel/Category Column: This changes according to whatever is on the track, taking the assigned name from the Track. Is that normal?

Value/Action Column: Is set to “Volume” (no flags set).

Thanks for having a look and any comments or help with this. (Cubase Pro 9.0.4)

Does no one know the answer? I can’t find any documentation on this.

Perhaps this will be helpful. Looks like the VST mixer adds cues…

Thanks, Steve. That helps somewhat. I am getting some “odd behavior” from GR and am working on some test projects and screen shots to help explain what I’m seeing. I dug back into the old SX edition web pages and found some useful things.

Has GR been basically “the same” since those days? It looks virtually identical to what’s there now on some of the web page examples I located.

Since the SX days a lot of commands have been added, but aside from that aspect of it little has changed. It even goes back to the VST32 era.