VST Mods setup?

Can somebody point me to info on how to connect the iOS Vst Mods app? Mine is in “OFFLINE” mode, and I don’t see a way to proceed. Thanks!

Hi! They needs to be on the same wifi. If they are, open booth computer and smartphone app and that’s it. If there is AP (client) isolation active on Wifi-AP, smartphone app meight not get broadcasted packages

Same here, just can not get VST Live Mods to connect.
VSTL running on a W11 PC, Live mods on an iPad.
Checked twice that they were on the same SSID, tried both 2.4 and 5 GHz…
What am i missing ??

Hi! It should really work, really. Different SSID doesn’t makes any problem until connecting devices finally together. Just for testing:

  • try turning off Win firewall
  • try with different wifi router (e.g. guest wifi connections are usually configured isolate clients).
  • what IP subnet is used by your test network, A, B, C class?

(Unfortunately we don’t know the details how VL’s P2P mechanism is designed, where can traffic stop between your computer and the iOS app.)

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Hi @fkalmus ,
Thx a lot for the tips.
Disabled Avast (which apparently manages the firewall) and BAM it works !
Next question would be : how can we setup the firewall properly to keep it on while allowing VSTL traffic … :thinking:

my personal advice: uninstall Avast… (sry and not especially for smooth usage of the iOS app, but generally)

Could you please elaborate on the reasons ? What do you use personally ? Thx !

Yes Yes for sure. Important these are my private/personal thoughts and experience! ….Wrote a long long post, but finally deleted as this furum is not the right place - I guess - for such discussion.

short pre-overview: When admined for enterprise size, I pushed Eset and Panda for computers. But kept my personal computers such product free while were storing a huge collection of different worms and viruses in a simple subfolder for booth software and iron firewall/antivirus testing. But time has changed a lot…

Now? Nothing, but of course Windows’s security stuffs are turned on. Also usually vpn-ing to my own network first when out of office.

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imho there is no need for any so called „security“ software whatsoever. The installed by the OS tools take good care, anything else is possibly slowing down your system and may even be a security risk by itself. just my 2c though.