VST modulator.... is this a joke?

OK so I feel the need to call out this utter waste of time plugin, as someone who has been bombarding Steinberg with modulation system requests for many years.

Please tell me this is not your answer to this much requested feature request?

You cant use it on anything 3rd party.
You cant even use it on native Cubase FX in insert slots
So if you stack up a chain of inserts (even 100% native VSTs) & decide you want to modulate them later, or want to modulate these FX in an old project, you first have to copy these FX setting to FX modulator before you can even begin?

Who thought this was a good way to implement this? Are you kidding me?

This needed to be added to the edit channel settings window where the inserts live (perhaps on a toggle button to switch to/from the channel EQ curve to a bank of modulation shaper curves, that could be assigned to anything in insert slots by dragging on VST controls you want to modulate)… Even via mod matrix slots (which is outdated by other DAWs standards) would’ve been better than this.

Is this lame multi FX unit consisting of the same old native FX that have been in Cubase for decades the best you can do? You cant be serious! Please take a look at Bitwig (or even Max4Live) implementation of this feature & realise how far behind the curve Steinberg are on this!

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I think this plugin is more of a Cableguys Shaperbox than what you have in mind.

Mind you, it’s missing some essential features that Shaperbox has, namely an “amount” knob for the modulation.

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Lol really? No amount knob?

I haven’t installed 12 yet but tbh I only upgraded so I can do a side by side with Bitwig on my channel & s*** all over this utterly useless attempt at adding modulation to cubase.

So far all the usual suspects on YT are gushing over this plugin lol. They’ve clearly never used Bitwig

Hi @tremor206 I understand your sentiment, I initially also thought that finally we can modulate any parameter with various modulation sources, patch things together etc.

See the lively discussion here: Cubase 12: FX Modulator -> Any Parameter in Cubase

All the best

Since there’s already a topic about this I’ll close this one. Continue at
Cubase 12: FX Modulator -> Any Parameter in Cubase.