VST Multi-Outs and Generic Remotes

My goal is to create a VST multi-out and use a generic remote to control the midi track’s volume, pan, read/write, as well as corresponding audio aux sends. Is it possible to control audio aux send information with a generic remote on a midi track that is configured as a multi-out? For instance, let’s use Ominsphere as an example…

  1. Open VST instruments, add Omnisphere as Rack Instrument.
  2. Active all outputs.
  3. Add midi tracks for each loaded instrument.
  4. Change Audio Output of each midi track to match where it’s coming out of Omnisphere.

Now this is where I can’t figure things out…

In Device Setup, I’ve configured my generic remote to control things like Pan, Volume, Read/Write Automation using the “VST Mixer” device. That’s easy the easy part. Every control is mapped to the Channel/Category “Selected” because I want to be able to use the Generic Remote on any track that I click on. The issue is If you select “VST Mixer” for the Send On/Off or Send Level control it only affects the first output of VST’s multi-out even if you switch to different midi tracks and the other options (Mixer, Midi Mixer) don’t work at all. Any thoughts/ideas? Thanks!