VST Multi-Panner Depth knob


ok so i learned that in order to use the “Depth” knob in the VST Multi-Planner we must have a multi-channel output…

How do i do that? do i require more hardware…? i have the UR12 and thats it… usb into the laptop…

anyways thank you for helping!

o wakare!


Audio Connections (former VST Connections) > Outputs > Add bus. Define count of channels here.

arigatou!!! i shall try this and report back

:hello. the “Depth” knob is still greyed out. :neutral_face: https://i.imgur.com/Z412UQp.png that is a link to the screenshot… perhaps i must have those “Device Ports” active ?

i am unsure how to access this knob… from all the combinations of buses and outputs and inputs ive done…

ive found it is:
Stereo In
Quadro Out
(or 6.0 Cine, 6.0 Music, or any of the others. But the In must be Stereo)

snd then i get access to this VST Multi-Panner… unless there is another combination.?

but this… …THIS… this Depth knob… this depth knob… :unamused: :cry:

thank you for the help.

is it the Routing?

then there is this.


Depth Knob is on page 11/19

i will read through this and watch some videos…

ill return if i figure it out.

and please help if one can hehehe

love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu