VST Multipanner preset bug (atmos)

Hi everyone

I have noticed on rare occasions where I load a VST Multipanner preset in Atmos, it doesn’t actually apply the pan until I ‘touch’ the panner. An example; a ‘centre top’ preset stays at default front bottom l/r even though the panner GUI is telling me otherwise. Very difficult to replicate as it doesn’t happen very often, but it’s rather disconcerting to think panning isn’t happening as the panner is telling you and the implications for loading complex sessions. I really hope this only applies to loading a new preset (easy to spot), not a session recall (not so easy to spot)…



So far I haven’t noticed anything, but that doesn’t mean anything.
I’ll keep an eye on it. Thanks for the warning.

I hate to admit it, but I’ve become really paranoid about Nuendo and Dolby Atmos. Especially since we work with several people on projects. So I have to be able to rely on Nuendo. If the panner is also flaky now, then … :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

By the way, I just remembered that we had a problem with the VST multi-panner a few weeks ago:

I don’t suppose you’ve had similar problems before?
There doesn’t have to be a connection between the two problems. It just came back to me because our problem is also about presets.

I do exactly what you are doing with presets, but I have never experienced a crash. Just the very rare occasion of it not implementing the pan. If/when it happens again I will make sure I take screenshots.