VST multiple outputs not showing in track list

Could you send a screenshot how does it look like in your side now? To show the issue?

I have the same problem. I know the principal of adding an instrument in the Rack and then choosing activate all outputs. The method creates Tracks for each output when I follow the process in a blank project but it does not work in Projects I am currently working on. Something, obviously, is preventing my existing Projects working correctly. I would love to know what that something is! :wink:

Hi and welcome,

Not all VSTis can be operated this way. Some VSTis just don’t have multi Audio Returns.

To show them, click the + button (same as showing automation) which appears on the coloured part of the track slit, down on the track, bellow the track icon.

Still no answers? I’ve upgraded to 9.5 and it’s still not working. I’m sort of living with it but it’s becoming inconvenient.

It always worked before and stopped working for some reason. If I open an old project the multi tracks appear in the project window, if I create a new project they’re not there.




Could you send a screenshot from the menu, where the multi-outs should appear?

Greetings Gang,

Just arriving and I just need to thank you Martin! I’ve been struggling for the past two days with getting my Superior Drummer 3 Separate Outputs to show up in my Project Window as a VST Instrument here in Cubase 10. But as soon as I read and followed your insight by “Showing Automation” ALL the Separate Tracks Appeared inn my Project Window. Hooray!

The only question that would sure be great to have answered is the technical reason for having to show tracks via Automation verses the Tracks showing up Automatically as a VST Rack.

Your thoughts Martin?

Cheers and many Thanks Again!



I’m sorry, I don’t know the technical reason.

I’m pretty stuck with this too, Cubase 13 Artist.

I can enable my multiouts and see the audio channles in the mixer. No associated tracks are created in the track view.

I can create MIDI tracks and route them to the multiout VST. I then have the option to assign a ‘return output’ of the VST on the MIDI channel… so I can then see the correlating audio track in the left panel of the track view. So that is something, but it is entirely manual. There is no synchronisation between the track view and mixer view, so e.g. selecting the MIDI channel will not select the corresponding audio track in the mixer view and vice versa, so that functionality is gone. Is that all I should expect or is there another way to get an actual ‘multi’ instrument track, so that you don’t have the duplication of seperate MIDI and audio tracks?

Thanks if anyone has a tip!