VST Multiple Outputs Numbering -- Possible to change?

I know this can probably be done, but my head is so confused I can’t think of a way. I’ve got an instance of a Kontakt VST with multiple outputs (1/2, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8 etc). Is there a way to change the number assignment so that, say, Output 3/4 could become 7/8 and vice versa? It would help me keep things in order when I have to unexpectedly add another output.


Has to be done within Kontakt…

Not in front of me but I remember hating their output implementation…

Go to their output settings and assign the outpuy.


Okay, thanks. Yeah, between Kontakt, VE Pro, and Cubase, with the way they all show a different number/display for the outputs, it gets quite confusing. Gotta say that Kontakt is probably the worst offender.


Kontakt’s output scheme is something I gave up on trying to understand. It’s even more complicated than anything Steinberg ever came up with. :confused: :stuck_out_tongue:

(So I will watch this space for a reply that explains everything.) :wink:

It is unfriendly but not that hard at all.

use the normal kontakt that has 16 outputs.

  1. enable all outputs in the instrument rack for that kontakt
  2. create 15 extra midi tracks in the main window so that they are all assigned to kontakt
  3. open kontakt
  4. go to the output tab
  5. choose add channels
  6. quantity is 16
  7. number stays 2
  8. now you choose how you want to configure and replace the standard layout or not
  9. choose ascending outputs
  10. add instruments to your wishes and assign each of the instruments to the channel you want in the little user environment of the loaded instrument (output)
  11. save

it is a lot of tweaking but it is not that hard :slight_smile:

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