VST not recognizing eLicenser after Cubase 12 upgrade

hi there…Just installed cubase 12 pro but plug ins not recognizing my license. Just keeps saying cant find license. Any help?

All of the stock plug-ins have been updated to support the new Steinberg Licensing system used by Cubase 12. Please run the Steinberg Download Assistant, click the icon for Cubase Pro 12 and download the latest versions of the included plug-ins.

If you purchased any Steinberg plug-ins or expansions, please check if free upgrade vouchers for switching to Steinberg Licensing are available for your products. If there are no vouchers for one of your purchases, then connecting your USB-eLicenser dongle might still be required if you used one in the past.

hi its not giving me an option to do that

Please take a screenshot of the error message(s) you’re getting. Please also take a screenshot of your eLicenser Control Center with your eLicenser serial numbers hidden.

Halion 6 isn’t included for free with Cubase. If you don’t have a valid license, please uninstall it. If you purchased it previously, please go through the reactivation process to move the license to this computer:

If you have another USB-eLicenser dongle, it’s possible that your Halion 6 license is being stored in it. In that case, please connect this dongle to your computer and simply move the license to your other dongle.

Ive just purchased it in January. sorry bit lost with whats free and whats not.

I downloaded everything from steinberg download assistance thinking it was free…how do you know whats free?

Under “My product downloads”, you should see a Cubase Pro 12 icon. When you click it, all of the included content will be shown to the right.

You can use the Steinberg Library Manager to uninstall the libraries which you don’t have a license for, and Windows 11’s “Installed apps” panel to uninstall the plug-ins.