VST octave playing transpositions

Hi! I’ve searched a bit and found info about instrument transpositions, but not specifically in relation to VSTs.

The question I have is : is there a way to adjust at which octave is MIDI data sent to VSTs?

In my specific case, I was trying to write a “Bass Synth” part. When I play it through Halion, it sounds right, but when I route it to an Arturia synth, it sounds one octave too low. The VST itself doens’t have an option to switch octaves up/down.

I’ve read that instrument transpositions are hard-coded, so I cannot edit instrument properties like in Sibelius (and I can understand why - to make Dorico smarter at knowing how to notate things). But is there a way to adjust the playing octave in the Play tab, when it is send to the VST? In a DAW such as Live, I would for example simply drop a MIDI pitch change plugin before the VST.


You can change the transposition in Halion. Open the Halion window and switch to the MIDI tab and you can set a transposition for each channel. Alternatively you can use the ‘Transpose up 1 octave’ expression map. Just press the gear icon on the ‘VST Instruments’ section in play mode and set the expression map for the desired channel.

Thank you, like I said it was working in Halion already, but I had a problem with an third-party VST. The expression map solved the problem, thanks! However, I see there’s only the “1 octave up” one. What if you would like something else, is there a possibility to create your own expression maps (yet)?

Yes, there’s an expression map editor in the Play menu. Just duplicate the ‘1 octave up’ one and adapt it to go down.

Amazing, thanks!