VST on top and step envelopes ?'s

Running Snow Leopard 10.6.8
Is it possible to have a VSTi displayed if you’re looking at a different program? For instance I would like to view Multiscope while I’m changing parameters on an editor/libararian for a piece of outboard gear. If I click on the other program Multiscope will disappear. Is there an options setting that will allow VSTi’s to always be displayed, (some ‘always on top, no matter what’ function)?

I also have an unrelated question. I was watching this tutorial on step envelopes in Sequel and wondered if theres a Cubase equivalent: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pY8Zw1HuhzU&feature=feedu
I know you can slice loops and bounce selections and then pitch shift etc, but that doesn’t mimic the ease of workflow as shown in that video. Is there a Cubase feature I don’t know about? Figure it could do anything Sequel can do plus.

Did you try checking "Plug-in-Editors “Always on Top” in: File > Preferences > VST > Plugins ?

As for your second question, while you can achieve the same results in Cubase, it doesn’t mimic Sequel ways of doing it, unfortunately. I also wish we had this functionality included in Cubase.