VST or sth else for JPG and PDF displaying

I am looking for a tool in Cubase (and Wavelab) to load jpg and pdf files, etc. into my project and display it there. Does anybody know sth like that?

Why do I need this? SessionRecall and others are a great way to make recall sheets of hardware, but they don’t support all existing hardware (even very common ones from RND, etc.)
So, I thought it would be nice to be able to load images on different tracks. I’m sure this could be done with a VST plugin, if it’s not possible in Cubase itself.
Taking a picture with your phone of the hardware would work quite quickly, I assume. If you have your phone connected to your computer.

It could also be very helpful, to load handwritten notes during a recording session, when the “note”-register on a Cubase track may not be of help (handwriting quicker and more flexible and making less noise, if recording is in the same room)

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You can add a picture to a track - in the screenshot, where Jana’s picture appears on the track, there’s an empty square outline. Double-click it to bring up the dialogue. Only one image per track, though.

what I usually do for that is to create a mov or something movie file and bring it to the session as a movie file.

There is this one that is free, but I have never tested it.

Melda also has a free one, however they cripple it so badly by forcing you to pay $53 for the “free plugs bundle.” And it does not load photos.

I use the free VST Notepad when I want something per track more elaborate than Cubase Track notepad.

Unfortunately Cubase´s native Notepad is awful …but Snapshot 2 is great for snapshots/text and Lyricsrunner is great for lyrics/text

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I know, but this option is not really what I’m looking for. These are just a visual aid to identify tracks more quickly. It’s way too small to keep more information in there.

Thank you so much. I think, this is exactly what I need! Snapshot 2. Going to try it.

I wish there was sth like that from Cubase directly. Drag and drop images in the plugin and it saves it automatically to the project folder. Would be great! Not only for hardware settings recall, but as I said also for handwritten tracking/editing notes.

Snapshot 2 may be the solution for now! Thanks :slight_smile: