VST out of sync

A strange one. I wrote a piano score using EZ keys then layed down a vocal track, everything snapped to grid, no problem. But then when i open a VST track using Steinbergs “The Grand 3” software and drag the midi track down into it, the piano is no longer in sync to the vocal track, the piano is a tiny bit early. I have dragged the vocal into position but that was a hassle, i have never had this issue in the past and have done the same thing many times, write the midi file then use the piano sound in vst. Any ideas?? I have messed around with the delay constrain comp button, not that, it is a full 1/8th of a bar early. If i use the standard microsoft wavetable synth output its fine but as soon as i use the grand it goes out of sync. Using Artist 8.5


Double check, there is no Track Delay in Milliseconds enabled/used at any of your tracks, please.

Hi, thanks for the input but NO there is no track delay set up on any of the tracks.


Are you sure the copied MIDI Part still sits in the Grid, please?

So i usually create the piano part in midi externally then drag it into cubase. I then put down a vocal track over that. Then i opened a new VST track for The Grand so i can get a better piano sound and just drag the midi track down into the new vst track, usually works fine. So, the “actual " part is no longer in the original track but it is still in the same place time wise, 4 beat count in then the track starts on grid 2. Is that what you mean by " still sits in the grid?”


My question was, if the start of the new MIDI Part is at the exactly same position as the start of the original MIDI Part.

Btw, is your original MIDI track in the Musical or Linear Timebase? Is the new track in the Musical or Linear Timebase?

Hi, ok. Yes, both tracks lined up perfectly, snapped to grid, and both in Musical time base …


Could you attach a screenshot, please? Maybe it will bring something.

Hi , here you go, so i initially import the keys into the midi track, which you can see the sys data for is lined up on the grid perfectly, i then dragged it down into the grand vst track, and had to then bump it right a bit to get it lined up with the vocal track i recorded over the initial midi, it is odd that it stepped out of time completely like that… thank you


I’m sorry, I still don’t see it. Could you please add a screenshots before and after to see the difference?