VST output template

I am using Toontrack’s Superior Drummer 2 (SD2). Since I have good hardware gear, I output SD2 as mono channels except for the stereo Overheads and then use Cubase’s excellent hardware FX as inserts. To do this, in the VST Instrument panel it takes quite a long time to uncheck SD2’s outputs that I don’t use.

My question is this:

When I choose the outputs from SD2 in the VST Instruments panel, can I save the outputs I always use as a template, or “preset”, and then recall it in a new project when I use SD2 as a VST Instrument in the new project?

Thanks for your information.

I don’t think so. But you can save whole your settings as project template.

Thanks Martin.

I"ll set it all up in my Template.

Mutli-track + routing presets is one of the big feature requests I’m hoping for in C7

Yes me too, I use a lot of VI’s and this is one area Cubase lags behind the competition.