VST outputs in Kontakt 6 (mono/stereo)

Hello all,
i’ve made a 11 x stereo output on Kontakt 6 (full) BUT in cubase 10 pro on the vst output only the first 6 channels are stereo… kontakt and cubase are updated!

Plz help!

Something is wrong in your Kontakt configuration, I think. Cannot help you more on the Kontakt side, as I don’t use it, but this is working perfectly, here, with other multitimbral instruments such as Halion Sonic SE or Emulator X3 : I get 16 stereo output channels if I need them.

this is not straight forward in Kontakt… you need to consult the Kontakt manual on this…

To all:
I’ve found the solution myself! Because of the default setting in Kontakt witch was or is 12 stereo, the rest mono… (witch i’ve made myself) all other instances of kontakt will start with this setting. So changing the output in Kontakt does not change the connection to the cubase outputs. Solution: save the 11 stereo out as default…! it woks…