VST parameters missing

Ok, so it seems I have kinda created an issue for myself. I decided last night that I would reconfigure my keyboard’s controls to achieve better real time automation over my VST Parameters (cutoff, resonance, ect.) with cubase 6. It seems that many of my third party plugins have either #xxx (ex. #000, #001, and so on) or N/A where the name should be for the parameter I would like to control. Two examples would be Edirol and Omnisphere… Edirol actually has Unknown where the parameter name should be.

A couple of days ago, the parameters where showing up for the most part like they should, until I loaded up a .xml file which links my control surface on the akai MPK88 with the cubase interface. Once I realized this, I removed the generic controller with the .xml attached and the plugin parameters remained missing. Now, the native plugins to cubase remain working and some third party plugins. I also tried to automate Edirols parameters in FL Studio 10 without success, so somehow my third party VST’s have lost their parameters to my hosts (best way I know how to explain it). I cannot automate anything with my VST’s, and it has been quite time consuming.

If there is any help out there, I know I can count on you guys, I appreciate any help and thank you in advance.