VST performace maxing out at 30% CPU?!


I am just mixing an album in N5.5. There are a couple of issues and strange behaviors which are turning work into a bad experience, on the other hand side I love a lot of the new and improved features…

One serious problem:

I am in a not-THAT-heavy blown project (I had way bigger projects in C5.5) and I am finally at 90% CPU - when the meter jumps to max I even have pops.

I opened the task-manager: about 30-35% CPU usage… I have a very recent i7 system, 12gb ram, SSD drives etc - the 35% feels realistic but WHY is Nuendo 5.5 so ineffective in using it? It was way better in C5.5.

Please check this picture
A todays host should be able to deal with more then one CPU!!

What is happening here?


ASIO performance meter is not reporting CPU cycles.
It is reporting a number of parameters, of which CPU cycles is only one parameter.
I bet that if you use higher buffer settings, the ASIO meter will drop down.


Well, I am at 1024 samples… What to do? Higher I do not want/can…

Oh - and in Cubase it is much lower… Same project. Same system etc

Are you running the 64 bit version of Nuendo? If so, have you cycled through your plugins to see if one is causing the increased load? It could be the efficiency of the bridge you are experiencing.

No, Win 7 64 bit with 32 bit Nuendo. No bridge.

There is one faulty plugin, this is Slate FX-G Mastering Processor. CPU @ 50% - FX-G increases to 90%. In Win taskmanager only 2 or 3 %, maybe even less.

It is the same in Cubase 5.5.


I am doing the current mix without the FX-G in the master bus, because I run out of cpu. I use now a Waves L316. The project is from average size, about 200 tracks/groups only - no VSTi - I am already at around 65% CPU!! In Cubase 5.5 on the same system this project is only 40%… I can confirm with other projects, for example those who were done in Cubase.

This sucks, I am running out of power when using N5.5… The upcoming mix would highly benefit from N5.5 features, but this thing is about 400 tracks. I will need much more juice then in my current project. I fear that I will not be able to get it done with Nuendo, too bad… Will use Cubase instead.

Anyone who ist doing mixing stuff with bigger projects? I am not talking about those huge VSTis… I am talking about 24bit, 44.1khz, 300 tracks and zillions of regular plugins. Nothing more.