VST performance 80% always

I have a track with only about 28 tracks and I am sitting at 80% vst all of the time. I even froze almost every track and it never goes down. I tried disabling about 10 plugins and it still stays the same. Is there something to try or see what each plugin is doing? I have a track with about 50 lanes and it doesnt go above 50-60%

What is your buffers set to?

Also, what OS are you running?

I saw that its a cubase 7 issue.
I am on a PC buffers set at 1024… usually I do 512.
with a minimal house track… barely any plugins.

I had to export wav to a new project and its fine… It seems to only affect that project… others open fine.

Have you got your older version of Cubase sat on your system? Have you taken off the older version?
If so check out my asio meter spike Solved. I was having loads of issues with overloads on the meter but now it’s totally solved. Another thing to check is the plugin info if you have anything under SDK 2.3 you will have an increase in load as 7 now runs with anything over 2.4 much better. Hope this helps