Vst performance / Average Load spikes


I am currently having issues within certain projects of mine where the average load and real peak time are clipping causing visual lag, audio lag and clipping. These are quite large projects with many plugins however i have had bigger projects in the past and never had this issue.

My set up is a windows 7 PC - Quad core i7, 22gig Ram and i have the latest cubase pro 8 64bit. i have an M- audio fast track pro interface with the latest drives and use fast track pro ASIO 64 bit as my ASIO driver.

I have noticed certain plug ins cause this issue to happen more than others for example ozone 5 and serum. i have to disable ozone on my master channel just so i can actually hear anything and even then i still get spikes making it very hard for me to do any productive work.

I used to write orchestral music and the projects i had were massive with 40+ kontakts using massive sound libraries and tons of plugins used aswell and the only limitation i had was my 22gig of ram, never this average load thing, these newer projects only use about 7gig of my ram and my cpu is generally below 50% so i dont understand why this issue is occurring.

If someone could please help me on this issue it would be much appreciated.

Thank you

Make sure that the ASIO Guard is checked.It’s in the same place where you set your ASIO driver. It gives you 3 choices, Low, normal or high. This helped me tremendously. Hope this works for you!