VST performance hits the max value

HI! Any professional suggestions?
I have an odd behavior with my VSTi. When I press stop during the playback the VST performance meter (average load) instantly jumps to it’s max value, lights red and then instantly comes back to the original position (30%).
I hear a fast crackle sound. :angry:
Any ideas what is going on?
Thank you!

What specific operating system and version are you running on your computer? What VSTi are you using? Which specific Steinberg program and version number?

I use Cubase 9 pro (updated onу week ago), windows 7 ultimate, rme babyface pro.
During stop on any VSTi it hits the red.
the project was imported from cubase 5 if it matters
Thank you for reply!

The following third party video has been a huge help to a lot of the users I have shared it with:


It may be a good resource for the problem you are having.