VST performance issue - Halion5 and GA4


Is there an efficient way to set parameters « Disk streaming » and « Performance » when Halion5 and GA4 are use in a project ?

The image show the VST Performance indicator :

  • when I play a chord in Halion5 and GA4 playing
  • when I play a chord in Halion5
  • when only GA4 is playing

Thank’s a lot !
Real-time peak and Average load (dec 2016).png

VSTi performance/peaks are always a tricky issue, so many things can be effect performance. Your computer specs are good, although you did not mention your drive setup (how many, are they HDD or SSD?). Spreading out resources across many drives made an enormous improvement for me. Your video card is another thing to consider, CB’s GUI is very flakey so make sure your video drivers are up to date. I use an AMD card, AMD’s seem to play nicer. But this can be hit or miss, some people run fine using NVidia cards. And just a side note, Win10 has worked very well for me so far (others have had issues though so read through the Win10 threads to get other opinions).

If your drives and video card are setup good move onto your Project setup and CB settings. I’ve found it best to use a process of elimination to fix or at least minimize issues.

First, take a look at the project and what other things you have active. Do you have several Audio tracks in the project? Audio tracks will eat up some resources even if they are muted. And ones that are warped to match tempo or partially edited will use up even more resources. Best ways to get around this is to temporarily disable tracks you do not need until you need them (right click track --> Disable Track), bounce any track that you are done editing to get them running in real time, or remove the ones you don’t need from the project (CB will retain them in the audio pool so you can always bring them back if needed).

Other VSTi’s and Insert effects can be bogging things down too, again even if they are muted. Resource intensive VSTi’s need to be managed, for instance I am a big fan of u-he instruments, I use DIVA and Bazille a lot. They sound great but they can eat up a lot of resources. I try to keep the number of instances of them at a minimum and render the MIDI tracks to Audio when I’m satisfied with sound/part I’m using them for. And if I don’t need them I temporarily disable them.

But, if the project you took the screenshots from is not full of other tracks and your just using HALion and GA4 go into your settings and make some changes one at a time to help zero in on the problems. Here are a few things to try based on your settings:

  • Turn off Multiprocessing
  • Turn off ASIO-Guard (I’ve always had worse performance when it’s active, your computer specs are good so you may not need it)
  • Set Audio Priority to “Boost”
  • Try upping Disk Preload a bit (I set mine to 4 seconds)
  • Activate the Steinberg Power Scheme

Hope this helps, seeing that VST performance meter peaking is really frustrating.

Thank’s a lot Xerogh,
I’ll give a try (a lot of try) :wink:

By the way, I have 2 HDD of 1 To each and 1 SSD (Samsung 840 EVO) of 1 To.
I quite sure that my hardware is ok.
I have a NVIDIA GT 520 card.