VST Performance meter innacurate?

I have a huge project in mix stage.

Recording new vocals with peak load nailed in red and no dropouts at all.

Not sure how this makes sense. Not complaining tho as it is working. :slight_smile:

I reckon it must be…I have a project at the mo…27 tracks…11 inserts and 4 VSTi’s and the meter is maxed…

I just have to wonder what the meter is actually supposed to represent.

This particular project has over 2 hours of 129 audio tracks. 3 VSTi’s, 6 instances of SSTrigger and 3 amp sims. 14 group tracks. 9 FX tracks (3 of them full IR reverbs. FabFilter ProL on 4 groups as well as master out at 4X oversample. I can still record at 128 samples buffer with UR824’s without dropout.

I can run a project less than half this size and the meter still peaks out. It just doesn’t seem to mean anything.

I really have no complaint, though before my latest system build it was a tool I used to have to watch just to make sure I didn’t have dropouts. Now it just seems to tell me my system is failing. Yet… Not.

If you guys are talking about the “Performance Meter” in the upper taskbar I finally removed it from view as it NEVER seemed to make any difference to any of my projects showing almost nothing to max’d out. Seems like it’s purpose is to look interesting but it has not proven for me to have any value. Like I said, it is gone from view for now but, I suppose I would resurrect it if I have some problems.

Regards :sunglasses:

Naw, the 'real time peak meter (F12). Either way it seems to not be relevant for me either.