VST Performance Meter

I have a project that’s been causing me some stuttering during playback. I have upped my Onyx Blackbird buffers as high as they can go and the problem has went away. One thing I did notice is that with the project open and no playback happening, just sitting idle the VST Performance meter is sitting at 50%. Is that normal? I’m running 5.5.1 on a dual Xeon machine with 4 gigs of ram.

I removed two instances of Sound Toys “Devil-Loc” plugin and the meter went way down. Still with the system idle. Is it normal for plugins to eat cpu even when there is no playback happening?

My experience is the same as yours. The CPU is increased just loading vst.

Unless the plug-in is a VST3 plug-in and you have enabled the preference “Suspend VST3 plug-in processing when no audio signals are received” then yes, it will use CPU cycles even if there is no audio going through the channel.

Ok, good to know. Thanks!

I’m glad but sad to read this thread.

Glad because I bought the Devil-Loc plugin months ago and never installed it

Sad that is it not working well.

I have a plugin that acts this way too. (Sonitus Multiband)

Hey, is it in a chain? Could it be possible the chain is causing this? I think I have read some plugins act up in certain chains…

I didn’t try changing it in the chain, just turned it off. This just makes me want to use hardware more.