VST Performance overload??


Using Studio 4.5.3.
It occured various times now that when working with multiple copied audio tracks (voice recordings in cubase project)
Cubase begins to run slower and produce cracking sound. Without playing back the project, VST performance indicator already peaks, red light is many times on (Asio time) Disk indicator doesn’t show an indication.
How can I avoid this. Seems that the copied audio tracks causing it. It isn’t a processor problem (CPU 26% and RAM 30%)
I use an external soundcard (Focusrite)

So I have enough processing power put Cubase seems not be able to handle it.

Should I layer the audio vocal tracks? They are in a group channel as well (verse, chorus, chants) Total aprox. 25-30 vocal tracks in project!

Anyone help please.


increase the soundcards buffer size.

Hey Split, It seems to work! throughout the song.

Glad to of helped :stuck_out_tongue: