VST Performance

I’m just loading up some cpu hogging plug ins like Abbey Road Plates and i notice the vst performance meter is getting very high (75%)
Using task manager it says cpu 23% and ram 3.72Gb.
As i have 8Gb of ram to lower the Cubase meter should i get a new pc that’s faster with 8Gb ram or, do i need one that’s faster and have more ram.
I don’t want to buy more ram if it’s not worth it.

If you work with projects the require processing power, you should obviously use a faster processor. If you work with projects that require a lot of RAM, you need a computer with more RAM. To lower the VST performance meter, you should probably get a faster CPU

OK Thanks

The VST performance meter mainly measures the relation between processor power and the buffer size being used by the audio interface. In general the larger the the buffer size used the lower the meter will show. But also the round trip latency will increase.
I would say 8GB Ram is about the absolute minimum if you want to do some serious work with VST instruments and plugins. Especially the heavy ones are really RAM hungry. Windows generally already uses somewhere between 2 and 3 GB so it doesn’t leave much left for Cubase to start with if you only have 8GB. I have one custom tailored drum kit in BFD 3 that alone eats like 7+GB. RAM requirements are straightforward in this respect. It’s easy to tell if you don’t have enough to run the plugins you want. If you run low you know you don’t have enough, simple as that. It’s different with CPU resources because this can well be an issue with system configuration or a process that eats away too much in the background. But in general in your case I first would at least consider 8GB of extra RAM and maybe, if budget lets you, get a faster processor?

I wa thinking that Nickeldome but when i’m looking at task manager it says i’m using 3.72 Gb 45% of ram. My thinking is becuase of that i’ve got enough ram.

You could try to increase the buffer size used by the Audio interface driver and see if that helps. It will increase the latency but for mixing this will not be a problem. For recording however the delay might be too high. Also when mixing only make sure you don’t have the record enable button for the selected track disabled this will also lower the cpu load.

OK Thanks