VST performance

Im currently running cubase 6, through M-audio 610 firewire interface

I have begun to notice even when only running a few tracks, the performance indicator light blinks on asio bar, even though the meter usually sits between the first and second notches

I tried raising and lowering the buffer, but see only minor changes

Is something running I need to check?

That could be a lot of things, usually another device on your computer.
You don’t say what your PC specs you have, but if you’re on windows, download DPC latency checker and see if it reports the same spikes. Then go into device manager and disable PC components one by one to see if the spikes disappear. Think of WIFI/LAN adapters, cardreaders and other peripherals that aren’t absolutely necessary to have the system running.

sorry, Here is what Im running

Macbook Pro running OS 10.8.3 4GB ram

M-audio 610

external monitor Polaroid 42 inch, also ext LG 15 monitor from diamond interface from USB port

2 ext hard drives, run through a powered hub