vst performance

I opened a new project,minimoog v and cytomic the drop as insert.
the average load meter is jumpin from 25% - around 35%
the realtime peak is jumping from 25-50% back and forth
this is with multi processing activated and asio guard activated
when I untick multi processing the average load is at 0% and realtime peak stil 25-50%
my processor is 6core amd,so why is this behaving like this?

I have the same issues!
it was mentioned several times here on the forums and nothing is really happening!

It made me change to my previous DAW, cause I can´t work like that…

No one at Steinberg has addressed this issue. It is definitely there, and if you search the forums you will find so many others having these problems. I myself have had to go back to Sonar a couple of times because of this. Watch this:
Jesus I’m frustrated:


There is many issues they don’t pay attention to, i don’t know why.

i have read earlier threads about setting on/off individual plugin delay compensation to remedy errant plugs.


yap, upgraded my Sonar to Platinum, and it eats Cubase for breakfast…

How good is Sonar? Last time i touched it was back in the early 2000 i think.

To be honest,
the Midi part is still by far not as good as Cubases,
but I found my way to work with it.
Everything else is really fantastic. In Platinum you have the Pro Channel with a great console emulation and tape emulation, 1176 and other good stuff…
AudioSnap let´s me control transients in the track view, which is a major plus for me.
Melodyne ARA
Clip FX and much more great stuff…

Don´t won´t to say that Cubase is bad or anything but give it a try…

Thanks…because for ages i was always attracted to Sonar,
i don’t really like Studio One or Live.

I hate to say it but having just set up a new machine and done a fresh install of 8 it is now working very nicely for me. I had quite a number of issues, but many of them were plugin issues. Some of them with a couple of 32 bit ones that escaped my attention. On the new machine I don’t use 32 bit plugins for C8. I have not had any CPU spiking at all. I did with my previous machine on Windows 7. A combination of too little memory and old Graphic drivers I think.

There must be a logical explanation for why some users have a good experience and others don’t. It’s a pity that a database can’t be compiled with good systems and and troublesome systems - perhaps we would begin to see a pattern emerging?