VST Performance

I’ve turned on my computer and I get no audio or VST instruments sound. The MIDI external sampler Roland 1080 is getting sounds. I’ve checked the VST performance and there is nothing!

Simple thing. Open your ‘Connections’ window under the ‘Devices’ header. You should find your interface’s driver here, ASIO I will assume? Make sure it is connected to Cubase as the primary driver. Then locate your inputs and outputs. Once you identify your device driver the inputs and outputs will appear, BTW. Click on the columns that display these inputs and outputs, and make the right connections (inputs and outputs!) to your interface from Cubase. You should be good to go. :sunglasses:

Hi mr. roos
Thanks for your reply. I turned computer on and off 3 times, nothing happened. Then I turned it off but pressed restart button and it worked. If it happens again I’ll try what you suggested. I used to have Cubase CL, which I used for 12 years without any problems. I’ve had Cubase 8 and there’s been nothing but problems.

Well good. I do think you need to be more pro-active in regards to assigning the Cubase audio driver and the various VST connections.

Try this:

Open a Cubase project window. See (within the project) header the header that says ‘Devices’? Click on this. A panel will open, go to the bottom subgroup ‘Device Setup’. Here you will see another subgroup that reads ‘VST Audio System’ (the third line from the bottom in the greyed out window on the left). Click on this and you will see another window open that shows a black dropdown box. Click on this and you will see all the drivers available to your Cubase program. Click on the appropriate Driver - and - once you do this - then next (back in the greyed out area) you will see your Device Driver has it’s own sub-header. Click on this and you will see a new window open that will allow you to choose your latency settings and to also view all your available inputs and outputs.

Now close this entire window.

Go back to the Devices button at the top of your Project window. Click on ‘VST Connections’ and a new window will open that has it’s own header group. Here you will see your ‘Inputs’, ‘Outputs’, ‘Group EFX’, …, and finally ‘Studio’.

Here you may need to click on each input connection/channel, and each connection/output in order to have things work. You will only need to do this once IF you turn on the audio interface FIRST, before you turn on the Cubase program. It sounds like you have somehow done this in the past because eventually the computer found the device, it’s driver and it’s input/output path.

Well, I will stop at this point because your (hopefully) questioning mind will now figure out how to turn on the Click, and select the Studio output rather than the typical Outputs.

Good luck.