VST Performer 5.5.40: loading video-file causing freezed video

Hello everyone,

today I had a problem on loading a video-file into VST Performer with a connection to a VST Connect Pro 5.5.40. If I load the video-file and modify the start-TC of that video, it works for the first take. After this, the video freezes completly. Anybody has a solution for this or is this a known bug?

Greetings, Joe

Let us know your parameters so we can check:

  • start offset in Nuendo
  • start of video event in Nuendo project
  • offset of video event in Nuendo project if any (see info line)
  • offset that you set for Performer video in VST Connect settings

All starts and offset were set correctly. We import several episodes into one session and i edited the offset in the Performer correctly. This is why you see a freezed-image of the video. In most cases the video starts to play in the first takes i play. After some recorded takes the video freezes. If i unload the video-file, everything runs normal, but i have to send the video via the internet as well. This is what i dont want to do.

Greetings, Joe

There is automatic offset calculation, so it may not always be clear. If you do nothing in VST Connect, it will apply the offset(s) of the video automatically (project offset, and offset into a video event if any). Local video in Performer should work then, as long as you don’t change anything (you say you did, so try without). You may want to check for video event offset eventually (event is cut, or start offset is changed, see event info), though that should just work as long as the video offset in Performer options was not altered deliberately.

What I meant, is that I edited the video start offset at the performers side. That works, but only shortly before freezing. Same videofile except a watermark in the performers videofile. Length etc. Is always the same

…or not. Because the project automatically calculates that offset, if you change it, that may cause problems. What if you try w/o editing something manually? If you need to work on an exsisting project, you may have to change project start offset to zero and back to desired offset to clear Performer setting that you changed manually. Again, the way it is supposed to work is to not change anything in the Performer video offset, that is only meant for special cases where the video file in the Nuendo project is different from the one Performer imports.
If it still doesn’t work, it would be good to know all relevant values:

  • project start offset
  • video event start and offset
  • Performer video offset original
  • Performer video offset that you set manually

…or just send the project (w/o any assets or media files).