VST Performer can not hear talkback from engineer.

I am using the latest version (2020) of VST connect performer and my engineer is using the latest version of VST Connect Pro.

My engineer can hear me through the microphone but I can not hear him as well as any playback of audio through my headphones.

I can hear myself through the headphones so that is not the issue.

Is there anyone who is experiencing the same thing or has a fix for this.

The engineer did use the check and repair button in the vst connect pro menu.
He did open his vst connections “f4 key in windows” and looked at the studio settings to see if his talk back and other items were being recognized by his sound card and they were.
The engineer noticed that when he played his track or used his talk back, none of the VU meters showed any activity in the vst performer window.
Naturally the two sliders on the right would only show activity coming from the performer end.
But the engineer did not see any activity in the center or the two left meters when he used his talk back or played the track from his system, although he heard them fine through his own monitors.
He did check the two performer knob level in the talk back section and it was fully up and It still was not coming through on the performer end.

Ok, so nothing seemingly getting through to your end…

Don’t know if it’ll help, but its often suggested here as a standard test scenario, to begin with a brand new, blank project and add VSTConnect to it. Now add an audio track and some material and proceed from there… nice and simple to start with… :wink:

Anyway, sorry I can’t be of more direct help, but something to ponder in the meantime…

Good luck,

(PS:- just to check; latest versions of the software are v4.0.44 - is this what you both have running…?)

Get your engineer to do a repair or close Connect on his end and open a new version . That seems to work for me

Also, get your engineer to do the trouble shooting. State versions numbers for both VST Connect Pro and Performer. Mac/PC etc. Cubase/Nuendo version.

Ask him if the VST Connect CUE plugin is inserted in the correct Cue Mix channel and that the the channels he’s sending to you have their ‘Cue’ modes turned on. Is talk back turned on in control room. Are al the connections correct in control room?

If you start with a blank session as Puma0382 has suggested do you still get the same issue. If all this fails, get your engineer to PM me and I’ll run a session with him to try and help resolve. Usually, its something simple, and if not!!..

And there ya go…! It really doesn’t get any better… a fellow user on a forum willing to make the effort to hand-hold/help troubleshoot you/your colleague in a direct one-to-one setup…

Big thumbs up to @fuzzydude for offering his time… :smiley: :smiley:

People are helpful and friendly here.! :slight_smile:

I hope it works out for you @Jason3406



Hello, I’m having the same issues. The performer is not getting the Cue or Mix audio or the talkback audio.

What was the solution in the end? @Jason3406 ?


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Make sure the cue meters (both VST Connect plugin, and Control Room VST Connect Cue) are showing a signal. On the Performer end (mixer), select the Performers interface output at the top of the Master channel.

How are you getting on?

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Now, this is working, but I’m encountering another issue.
When I hit record I’m not getting any signal on the “Performer Rec” channel (created by VST Connect). Only noise and some occasional beeps come through.

When I Download HD files then it gets imported correctly, but the preview part of it is not working. Screenshot attached. Screenshot 2021-02-14 112311|690x60

Try to increase the Remote Delay value (try 2 seconds). Make sure those LEDs don’t show red while recording. Also avoid other plugins with inherent delay. As always when facing problems, test first by creating an empty (!) Cubase/Nuendo project, apply “Create VST Connect” and work from there.

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Thanks, increasing that from 1.5 to 2 worked!

And so am I… This is becoming a more frustrating process by the week.