VST Performer can't change sample rate?

I’ve been trying to set up VST Connect SE using a blank session in Cubase 9.5 and clicking the VST Cloud quickstart method. Here are the issues I ran into:

-Cubase crashes once the performer connects.

-Performer app is stuck on 44.1KHz with no way to change it it seems.

I got it to work using the KEY method. Shortly thereafter Cubase gave me the fatal error message, but remains “connected”. The performer side doesn’t show play/stop position or timeline, and no audio is heard through the performer side. When I log out from the session, there is no way to do the KEY method again, since the ID button disappears on both the performer and VST plugin.

In Cubase 8 it doesn’t crash, but both PCs respond with the message, “no reply please try again later.” Do I need to port forward? seems like there are reaching each other aside from this error message.

a) it shouldn‘t crash. pls send us the crash logs
b) if it does connect and work, ignore the message
c) the performer sample rate is attempted to be set to the Studio (Cubase) rate by the performer app, the rates must match. If the audio driver doesn‘t support programmatic rate change, Performer must do it manually (in hardware control panel, or device switch etc)
Hope that helps.