VST Performer - Connect Pro Slapback

I’m using Connect Pro 3 3.0.100 and Performer on the other end. Audio channels are working; 1 channel for bass, the other for mic. The issue I’m having is on the Performer side. He’s getting a slapbak effect in his phones while listening and playing. I don’t hear it on my end in the studio; it’s only on his side; his bass and mic. Any ideas?

Direct monitoring on his interface?

I’m not sure… How would I know by looking at Performer?

You wouldn’t just by looking at the Performer.

Depends on the interface. They usually have some control panel or dsp mix application.

OK so I am using a Focusrite Clarett 8Pre - I checked under Device Setup VST Audio System and there is nothing on my end for VST Direct Monitoring…(actually found it under the Focusrite Panel… It’s deactivated; not useable, so off.

Also, I enabled Adjust for Record Latency checkbox.

His end is Presonus AudioBox USB - which is using Generic ASIO drivers.

Is the mixer knob set fully to playback on the Presonus?

Now ya talkin! I forgot about the blended mixer on the Presonus.