VST Performer Problem with Plugins


Yesterday i tried to record a friend with VST Connect Pro. We could connect and even record his guitar over the internet which was nice.
Nonetheless for him it was a bit uncomfortable to play with a DI-Guitarsound so we thought we could load a Amp Simulation Plugin. Since he had Bias FX and the program found it we thought that this was going to be the solution to that problem. The only thing is: Bias FX would load when VST Performer is not connected. As soon as he connects My Vst Connect crashes and so does his. Same thing happens if he conects without the plugin loaded and loads it after connection. To make sure it was not a Bias FX related Problem we tried Guitar Rig too. Same issue. Has anyone an idea why this happens or a solution?

I’m using Cubase 9.5 Pro 64bit on a Windows 10 Machine

Performer is on on a old Mac Laptop

Vst Connect Pro and Performer are up to date.

Internetconnections are Fiber Connections and fast enough.