VST piano loses sustain

When I play one single note slowly a couple of times the sustain is there…but when I play an actual song it sounds like a crapy midi keyboard with no sustain…what is going on?

What piano vst?..does it have a polyphony limit setting?

When you say play a song…you mean play on the keyboard or are you using a pre made midi file?

I figured it out after a couple hours. It was taking like three hours for the posts to actually show up, so that didn’t really help me…Thanks for your response though.

Perhaps you could take a moment and post the solution, in case others have the same problem.

Good call jamusic.

When you record using a full sized keyboard with a sustain pedal. The track records the pedal as “on” or “off” (at least in my case). So you have to right click on the track and select “show automation” (make sure you have record automation enabled). Then you have to locate within the automation pull down menu “sustain” and it will show the automation of the sustain, and then you will see the line that will show the level of the sustain (very bottom being no sustain and very top being full sustain). So now you can see when the sustain is “off” and when it is “on.”

If you click (sometimes you have to select the pencil tool to create points that you can manipulate) on the line and drag it up it will give you sustain.

Also, MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A QUALITY USB/MIDI INTERFACE! Because if you don’t this will create problems you will spend hours on trying to find the solution for when all it is, is that your USB/MIDI interface is low quality and not sending proper signals to the software. This was my MAIN problem after doing hours and hours of research before ordering a quality USB/MIDI interface and having to wait 3 days…

Awesome - great info there BN!

Thanks! :wink: