VST Plug in path crashing in cuebase 5 64bit???

Im currently using Cubase 5 64bit on PC with Windows 7 64bit. This was all freshly installed today I was previously on xp. I am trying to re-set my plug-in path to my D drive where all my vst’s are kept and it keep crashing when I have added the correct path and hitting ‘Update’ (which turns blue) then everything stops? Im getting several messages from disk keeper when I cntrl +alt +delete saying 'loadlibary failed - error code 126.

Can anyone help as im at a standstill until this is sorted out?
Many thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Set the path and Don´t hit “update”,

It sounds to me like there’s a plug that is incompatible with either Cubase and/or W7. I would take all the plugs out of the path and reintroduce them one by one until you find the culprit(s).

Thanks for the quick reply ill give it a go :slight_smile: