VST plug-in problems in 7.1

First, thank you for the new upgrade and especially FLAC support.

I just upgraded to Wavelab 7.1 and Wavelab Elements 7.1.
Since, my Nugen Loudness Meter VST plug-ins don’t work any more.

Fact is: they still work in Wavelab LE7 !!!

The error message is:
“A serious error has occurred inside the plug-in 'VisLM-C”.
WaveLab could control it, but it would be best to save your Work and restart WaveLab"

So this error has to do with the upgrades!


Do you know if a demo of this plugin can be downloaded from somewhere?

please here: http://www.nugenaudio.com/visLM_loudness-meter_VST_AU_RTAS.php

Thank you PG!


I see this plugin is available on Windows and Mac, and as VST and VST-3,… what version are you using?

windows 7 VST

Is nobody using this plug-in?


Also Nomad Factory and Melda Production VST 2 (Mac) crash since 7.0 but I will bother no more because it’s not my job. In Softube plugins sometimes mouse stick in the knobs, both parts involved already know it, nobody knows whats wrong… Not to mention the known GUI displacement all time classic “misbehaviour”. Like with a nuclear accident all these is nobody’s fault i.e the other’s fault.

And it’s not like steinberg’s products support 654034 plugin standards… :unamused:

Can I ask you which Nomad Factory plugins?
On my mac the British Bundle crashes WaveLab Elements badly on loading (though I’m not sure it did with 7.0 too; I’m sure it crashes WaveLab since 7.01), but the Analog Trackbox works fine.
The GUI displacement needs to be reported to Nomad Factory as PG pointed out several time for this kind of issue (there’s a workaround, but it means losing one of the new features of WaveLab 7.1), but before filling a possible bug report to NF for the plugins crashing WaveLab I would be sure it’s not a problem related to my mac rather than a plugin or host bug.
Maybe the British Bundle worked fine in Wavelab when it was ilok protected, but I don’t remember when I updated to the new c/r version (edit: it was November, 5th 2010) and if I was running them fine in the previous version in WaveLab (edit: probably I did)… maybe NF changed something which WaveLab doesn’t like, I don’t really know… :neutral_face:

British Bundle and you may also be right about the 7.01 too, because I remember seeing only the displacement problem on them sometime (can’t remember If it was the C/R version or the 7.01 that introduced the crash thought). Now they bring everything down (Wavelab).

BTW I reported the displacement problem to about 10 companies but only Dirk Ulrich (SPL, brainworx, Elysia), Flux and soundtoys reacted promptly. Nomad factory actualy said they work fine and sent me a screenshot :open_mouth: Thats why I won’t bother anymore with stuff I shouln’t do…


I just reinstalled WaveLab Elements 7.0 and British Bundle plugins are working fine with that release, so the problem started out with the 7.01 release.

Hi PG,

haven’t you found out why this plig-in doesn’t work anymore in 7.1.???

It still works in Wavelab LE Version 7.01 (build 506).

Thanks for your help.


Difficult to explain you why, but that does mean there is a bug in 7.1 that was not in 7.0 (on the contrary, 7.1 has few bugs for sure). You really have to ask the plugin developer to try this.

Yes for shure, the plugin worked in 7.0 and does not work in 7.1 anymore.
So what has changed as far as VST plugin treatement is concerned from 7.0 to 7.1?
Philippe, you are the only person who can answer this question.

I do not see me asking this question to the plugin developer, he will ask: has anything changed?
Truly not the plugin.


Imagine a banker that people ask him “what are the interest rates?” and he answers “go and ask the central bank” :arrow_right:

For this kind of problem, there are not many solutions… the plugin developer must try and see where his plugin crashes. The reasons can be numerous. There is nothing I can guess here.

I really don’t understand this statement neither - some plugin works in 7.0 but it (the very same one) does not work in 7.1. The only thing that changes is WaveLab. Who did the changes? You. Who (only) knows what were all the changes about? You. Still you do ask the OP to contact plugin developer (as you did to me with the iZotope RX 2) :unamused:

Someone tells me: “There is a problem with plugin X in WaveLab”. With my experience, I know that 90% of the time, the problem is in the plugin. Therefore, to optimize my time resources, I recommend to turn first to the plugin manufacturer.
I know it can be strange that a plugin was working in 7.0 and does not work in 7.1, but the above remark still stands. But WaveLab 7.1 has corrected some bugs and is closer to the VST standard, and is compatible with more plugins than 7.0 was. Maybe a specific plugin and WaveLab 7.1 does not match anymore because of this. But we can’t win on all sides, and the best is to respect as much as possible the standard.

@ PG:

I recommend to turn first to the plugin manufacturer

I sent a mail to Nugen yesterday.
Let’s see if it helps.

I have a bad feeling that I will sit between two chairs ! :frowning:


PG has a very valid point here, and I have encountered similar issues myself (although not as yet with WL but another host) where one version of the host ran a particular plugin, yet the next revision (not a maintenance patch) caused it to fail every time.
It turned out that the newer version of the host was stricter on the specs for VST2.x, and the plugin had a bug that was previously overlooked but became apparent after the tightening up.

Also, if there is a bug in the NF plugins, Bernie will get it fixed - I know that he takes bugs very seriously indeed.

I agree the solution is usually more complicated than “It worked in X but not X v1.1 so it must be X’s fault.” Even life isn’t which is why we have lawyers.
If anyone has had to wire an analog studio then they’ll have an idea how complicated programming a virtual studio can be.

Look on the bright side. You found something that needs fixing and reported it to both parties concerned. It may take time but it will get fixed because at the next update they will ask you for more money which is yours to keep in your pocket if you want to. They don’t like that.