VST plug-in window always open when opening projects

I would like to open projects without any VSTi gui open.
I deactivated the option “Preferences / General / Open VST plug-in windows when opening projects” but nevertherless almost all projects open with an open Halion Sonic SE3 gui.
Is there something else I should do?

Also when two Dorico projects are open at the same time and I close the gui of the VSTi, each time I switch from one project to the other Dorico insists on opening the gui of Halion Sonic SE3.
I must then close the VSTi gui each time I switch!

I think the state is actually saved in each project, so try opening the project again, closing the HALion windows, then re-saving the project. Hopefully thereafter they won’t reopen when you reopen the project.

Unfortunately this does not work on my system.
What you suggest was of course the first thing I tried.I also tried to close the vsti gui in right panel in play mode and save the project but when I open the project again the gui is still open :frowning:
Also what do you think of this behaviour I described when two projects are open at the same time?

It is as if somewhere there is an hidden setting which opens the vsti gui!

I also notice that when I go to Play mode and deactivate the VSTi gui button in the right panel, then go to any other mode, then go back to Play mode, the gui button is activated again.

When you say almost all projects open with the HALion window showing, are you able to determine what’s different about the ones that do show the HALion wondiw and those that don’t?

No, with the best will in the world I am not able to see what the difference can be between these projects!
But at least I found 4 projects where consistently the vsti gui stay closed when I open them and 24 projects where the vsti gui consistently is open when I open them.

With my previous answer I meant that it seems that on my system specific projects act consistently as described in my previous post and a few others do not show this behaviour.
On my side I am unable to see what the differences between these projects are but maybe you or your developper can.
Should I send you some of the projects?

Sure, you can send me perhaps one that works as expected, and one that doesn’t.

Thanks for taking care.
I just have send two projects per e-mail.

After talking to Paul I think I now know what the problem is: when you close a VST instrument window by clicking the close button in its caption, at the moment Dorico doesn’t get notification of this, so it doesn’t know that the window has closed. This is something Paul plans to address soon. In the meantime, if you close the window by clicking the ‘e’ button in the VST Instruments panel in Play mode, you will find that the window will stay closed when you reopen the project. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Indeed, it seems as closing through the ‘e’ button solves the issue.
I am irritated though because, as I mention a few post earlier, after closing the gui through the ‘e’ button in play mode, then going to another mode and then going back to the play mode, the ‘e’ button shows as active, the VSTi gui is not open but the button is selected.

It seems also that opening two projects which have been saved with closed gui through the ‘e’ button gets also rid of the behaviour I mentioned earlier where switching between the two open projects always opened the VSTi gui.

Yes, because Dorico doesn’t get notified when you close a window by clicking its close button, it’s certainly possible for the ‘e’ button to be out of sync with whether or not the window is actually showing. When Paul is able to address this issue, the ‘e’ button and the state of the window will always be in step.

OK, thanks for the additional info.
Nice to know that it will be taken care of.

This irritates me quite a lot!
The situation is now worse than before.
No matter what I do or set, Dorico insists to always open a VST plug-in window (either Halion Sonic SE or Aria player) when I open a project.
It does not matter wether I close the window from the VST plug-in itself or from the right panel with the ‘e’ button in Play mode, the plug-in window will open as soon as I close or save the project and open it again.
If I let a project open, close the VST plug-in window and works within the project, the plug-in window stays closed but as soon as I open a second project and switch from the second project back to the first a VST plug-in window opens again.
In the preferences I deactivated “Open VST plug-in windows when opening projects”

Could you have a look at this?
It should not behave like this and it is really not funny because it now happens every time I open a project!

Me too, same problem, driving me crazy.

I should have mentioned that since version 2.1.10 this problem seems to be gone on my system and Dorico now remembers the state of the VSTi plugin window.
In order to be sure that it also works with older projects I take care to first open the gui with the ‘e’ button, then close the gui with the ‘e’ button and then save the project.

Yes, this problem has been almost entirely fixed in 2.1.10. I believe it is still possible in 2.1.10 for the buttons to get out of step if you change the playback template, but that remaining wrinkle will be ironed out in the next update, when it comes.

I’m afraid I’m having the same issue. HALion Sonic SE opens and covers most of my 15" MacBook screen for all my projects. It’s also apparently set to “always on top,” so I have to minimize it or close it, but it always comes back with a vengeance. Even if I switch to another Dorico tab, HALion rears its ugly head, causing a delay of several seconds to boot even on an SSD.

Is there any way to prevent it from loading altogether, or at least automatically to keep it in the background? It’s really annoying and slows down working with Dorico. Ideally it wouldn’t load or appear at all.

Sure, there’s a preference on the Play page of Preferences, ‘Open VST plug-in windows when opening projects’. I keep this switched off.